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Do you have a job, or do you have a career? Are you happy with what you do to earn a living? Have you thought about what else you would rather be doing to earn money to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head? I had no plans for my future as I worked my way through high school. I was as free-spirited as they come. On my 22nd birthday, I made a decision that it was time to make some changes. I started working with a career consultant to create a plan that would help me improve my life. Find out more about changing your work life to improve your overall life here on my blog.



career consultants - changing your future


Is Your Survey Boring, Annoying Or Convenient?

Customer service surveys are a vital tool in figuring out what your clientele wants. Unfortunately, not all customers are willing to give the information you need. Some may not be the talkative types (which extends to communicating over text), while others simply can't be bothered to put forth the effort without some kind of incentive. To grab the attention of customers and keep them engaged through the survey, take a look at a few innovative customer feedback concepts.

4 Tips For Increasing Diversity In The Workplace

In this day and age, diversity in the workplace is an important topic that many employers are paying attention to. Increasing diversity in the workplace can improve overall morale, while also helping a company attract talented employees. Use the following tips to increase diversity in your company: Provide Diversity Training to Your Employees Diversity training is a useful way to inform current employees about your company's culture and commitment to maintaining a diverse workplace where everyone is evaluated by their merit and hard work, not their skin color, gender, or religion.

Four Ways A Business Coach May Be Able To Help Your Restaurant Thrive

Running a successful restaurant can be quite difficult to do if you have never owned a restaurant before in the past. In order to succeed, you may have to seek help from an outside source. There are many business coaches that are available to give you the support, knowledge, and advice you need to be able to turn your business into a successful, booming restaurant. The following guide walks you through a few ways a business coach can help you improve your restaurant.

Employee Background Screening Mistakes That Could Cost You Down The Road

Mistakes made when an employer runs background checks on employees can cost a company money in a variety of ways. Not only can they result in low-quality new hires and high turnover, but they can also leave companies susceptible to costly lawsuits. The following five are some of the most commonly made background screening mistakes. These mistakes can be costly, but they are also easy to avoid with a bit of vigilance and foresight.