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career consultants - changing your future

4 Tips For Writing A Successful Resume

by Matias Manninen

You've found the perfect job to apply for and now you need to submit your resume. Dusting off your old one and sending that isn't going to cut it. You need to brush it up and make it recent. Here are four tips for writing a successful, job-stealing resume.

1. Make Sure It's Formatted

No matter how great your personal statement and your skills are, your resume is not going to be read all the way through at first glance. Hiring managers skim and then read in detail if they see basic details they like. Make sure your resume is formatted properly to make it easy for a hiring manager to see where your skills are, where your education details are, and where your personal statement starts and ends.

Use clear text—no comic sans or fancy scripts—and stick to wide margins. And, remember, bullet points are your friend.

2. Focus on Your Skills and Accomplishments

The hiring manager isn't interested in your job title. He/she wants to know what you gained from the role and the skills you picked up. Be specific. Use figures, whether they are percentages, dollar amounts, or numbers. They are statistic proof that you're worth getting to an interview for the particular role you're applying for. Show the hiring manager what you can do for the company by showing what you did for your previous companies.

3. Get Away from Buzzwords

The buzzwords are become clichés, and you need to step away from them. Hiring managers cringe when they read them and will just make them put your resume down. If you want to keep them reading, be straight to the point and effective in your bullet points.

4. Proofread Twice

Never let your resume go without proofreading it. If you don't give your resume a glance, what does that tell the hiring manager? It makes it clear that perfection isn't important to you, so you won't try your hardest in a job. If writing and spelling isn't a strong point for you, ask someone you know who is to glance over your resume and proofread. When you're proofreading yourself, check two or three times to make sure you get all the mistakes.

Creating a stellar resume is more than quickly throwing your skills on a piece of paper. You need to make your resume easy to read and professional. Make it clear why you're the perfect person for the firm, and not why the job is perfect for you. For assistance, talk to a professional like Resumes  &  More.