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career consultants - changing your future

Is Your Survey Boring, Annoying Or Convenient?

by Matias Manninen

Customer service surveys are a vital tool in figuring out what your clientele wants. Unfortunately, not all customers are willing to give the information you need. Some may not be the talkative types (which extends to communicating over text), while others simply can't be bothered to put forth the effort without some kind of incentive. To grab the attention of customers and keep them engaged through the survey, take a look at a few innovative customer feedback concepts.

Give Them A Break!

Surveys can be boring. There's a lot of questions, a lot of things to click and a lot of places to write. The process itself is quite simple in the scheme of human labor, but there are so many things that a person sitting on a computer would like to do instead of filling out an online survey. If it's a written survey, it may end up in the trash before the first line is read completely.

First, you'll need to make the survey legible and with enough screen features to keep the reader comfortable and engaged. This means masking the amount of written words with imagery and spacing. A few short paragraphs may not be a lot of written or spoken words, but it can be ugly when smashed together.

As you may notice with many surveys, the sentence structure and spacing is fairly sparse. There are many theories about how short a sentence should be, but don't get bogged down in the science of a perfect sentence. Instead, just try not to cover more than two lines on the screen.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Web design is important for online surveys. For whatever reason, some online surveys block the usage of tab keys and arrow keys for selection. There are a few reasons for doing this in limited capacity, but you need to understand what works and what doesn't.

Tabbing and arrow key usage can ruin a survey if the keys create a selection. This means that tabbing will select an option, or that the arrow key will change the survey's answers. To keep things smooth and efficient, tabbing and arrow keys should only highlight the selection, but not actually commit the selection.

The person taking the survey will either need to click a specific selection or press the space bar or enter key to commit a selection. If you're going to allow the use of enter key, make sure that the "next" or "finish" button has to be specifically selected. You wouldn't want the survey-taker to become frustrated by accidentally committing the wrong answers.

Make sure that you have a save button. Computers can freeze, power can be lost and Internet connections can disconnect. The easiest way to keep a save bank of answers is to ask for some form of identification at the beginning, such as an email address or creation of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with a small amount of numbers for easier recording or remembering.

The identification becomes an account of sorts and allows users to return to the survey with their answers in place after entering the information again. A full account with name, address, phone number or other options can happen at the end, especially if you want to deliver multiple surveys.

Contact a consultant with experience in customer satisfaction surveys to discuss other convenient ways to reduce boredom and annoyance through survey convenience.