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career consultants - changing your future

4 Tips For Increasing Diversity In The Workplace

by Matias Manninen

In this day and age, diversity in the workplace is an important topic that many employers are paying attention to. Increasing diversity in the workplace can improve overall morale, while also helping a company attract talented employees. Use the following tips to increase diversity in your company:

Provide Diversity Training to Your Employees

Diversity training is a useful way to inform current employees about your company's culture and commitment to maintaining a diverse workplace where everyone is evaluated by their merit and hard work, not their skin color, gender, or religion. In addition to making your company a more comfortable place to work, diversity training can also prevent costly discrimination lawsuits. There are many different topics that can be covered, so diversity training should be ongoing if possible. This type of training will give employees the tools they need to interact and work with people who are different then them. Make attending diversity training mandatory to ensure that all employees receive the information. If you aren't sure what topics to cover in your training, talk with a place like DiversityInc for more tips.

Accommodate Cultural and Religious Holidays

Society as a whole is made up of a wide variety of nationalities and religions, so there is a good chance that some of your employees may celebrate different cultural or religious holidays than you do. In a diverse workplace, employees should feel free to celebrate holidays that are part of their religion or culture without fear of getting in trouble. Be sensitive to other people's beliefs and make accommodations for people to use their time off when needed for these types of situations.

Offer Onsite Daycare or Daycare Subsidies

Many employees have children, and finding quality child care can be difficult--not to mention expensive. Having an onsite daycare or providing daycare subsidies for your employees will show that your company values their work and realizes that their role as parents is important. A policy like this can be especially beneficial to single parents.

Build Your Company Culture

Hiring the best employees for a position is one thing, retaining employees is another. Familiarize new hires with the company culture, and make it known that diversity in the workplace is an important part of that culture. Talk about opportunities for advancement and the fact that everyone is rewarded for their hard work. Everyone wants to work for a company where they feel that they have a future, and a company with a focus on diversity gives everyone a chance to move ahead if they do their job well.