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career consultants - changing your future

Employee Background Screening Mistakes That Could Cost You Down The Road

by Matias Manninen

Mistakes made when an employer runs background checks on employees can cost a company money in a variety of ways. Not only can they result in low-quality new hires and high turnover, but they can also leave companies susceptible to costly lawsuits.

The following five are some of the most commonly made background screening mistakes. These mistakes can be costly, but they are also easy to avoid with a bit of vigilance and foresight.

Not developing a detailed policy

Without a detailed background check policy, company screening practices can become inconsistent.

If candidates learn that they were screened while other applicants weren't, they might feel that they were subject to unfair discrimination. This might prompt cumbersome lawsuits that are terrible for a company's reputation and public relations.  

Neglecting background checks on vendors and contractors

You don't only need to be able to trust your employees. You also might work with vendors and contractors who you need to trust with access to your company's facilities, equipment, and products.

Often, vendors and contractors have even greater access to company facilities than regular employees. It's at least as important to run background checks on these business partners as it is with your regular employees. Make sure to include vendor and contractor screenings in your background screening policy. 

Failing to get employee consent

This is another mistake that can leave you susceptible to lawsuits. Each state has its own unique laws regarding background check disclosure and consent. In most states, you're breaking the law if you're running a background check without first getting the permission of the applicant. 

To protect yourself, you should have employees sign a written consent and keep it on file. 

Relying too much on social media

Nowadays, more and more companies are using social media to do background research on employees. It's usually free and simple to acquire some general information on applicants by going on the major social networking sites.

However, it's important to realize that social media page information might not always be accurate or truly representative of the merits or abilities of particular applicants. Remember that social media pages don't really represent an individual professionally, but merely socially or personally.

Not verifying educational credentials

If you don't verify educational credentials, applicants can write whatever they like on their resumes. Resume inflation is rampant in today's competitive job market, so many job seekers are tempted to over exaggerate their qualifications. Avoid being hoodwinked by verifying degrees, school enrollment, and certifications when possible. Contact a local employment screening company for help.